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Sainte G. Cake Company is a contemporary cake shop serving the San Francisco and Portland areas, and specializing in creative cake design for all occasions and events — from the classic and simple to the modern and decadent. The confections are made from scratch, using the finest ingredients, and are a testament to the unique artistic vision of proprietor Krista Juracek and her collaboration with pastry chef Stacy Nicastro-Foster.

In 2008, while living in Paris, Krista found the perfect way to merge her twin passions of art and food. She co-founded Sugarplum Cake Shop in the Fifth Arrondissement—just around the corner from the beautiful Abbey of St. Geneviève. This former French monastery, a tribute to the patron saint of Paris, serves as the namesake for Krista’s Bay Area cake bakery.

I find inspiration everywhere that I go—in the tastes and textures, the architecture, and the palette of the places that I see”, says Krista, whose custom wedding cake designs have been featured in Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes and Style Me Pretty. “I try to recreate these experiences at Sainte G.”


What is fondant, anyway?

May 19th, 2015

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What is fondant? It’s weird and wacky, pliable, pinch-able and sweet. It’s called fondant, alias “sugar paste,” alias “rolled icing.” It is a malleable, rollable frosting used in pastry decoration. Fondant is primarily made up of sugar, water and corn syrup, melted and kneaded to attain a dough-like consistency. Now, we all know that cakes already contain plenty of sugar, so why would you want to add more? The most obvious answer is that you don’t have to. Many people choose beautiful cakes that are iced in buttercream or ganache. There’s also a new trend of not icing the outside of the cake at all and leaving the sides exposed for a rustic, homemade look. But I have to be honest, I LOVE the way a fondant-covered cake looks. I love the porcelain-like appearance and the matte finish, but most of all, I love the way that it turns a cake into a perfectly smooth canvas to decorate upon. Fondant is an essential creative tool, and there are some styles of decoration that are only made possible by using fondant. So here’s my advice, if you love the look of fondant, but don’t want the extra sugar…just take it off before you serve your cake, or better yet, serve the slices with the fondant and let your guests decide! Fondant is easily removed either before of after cutting.

France-y Pants

April 28th, 2015

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 Helene Darroze-058

“Paris is always a good idea.”   – Audrey Hepburn

My story is a love story – food love, city love, travel love and the romantic kind too. I lived in the Caribbean for seven years, and I was ready for a change.  One more steel pan version of “If You Like Piña Coladas,” and I was going to feed myself to the sharks. So, I was looking for the next thing…what I found was a boy named Cam, and Cam was moving to France.

Let’s get one thing straight, I have a deeply-rooted love of movement. So the idea of taking off for Paris was appealing. The thrill of finding myself in a new place, with new people, new music and new food has kept me regularly pulling up the stakes and moving on. To support this lifestyle (and still afford 500-thread count sheets), I’ve cultivated a set of interests that work well in this context – photography, art, baking and cooking, and barista-ing are a few of the more useful ones.

So, within six months, I found myself boarding a plane to Paris. The plan was to live there for six months (I had a similar plan when I moved to the Caribbean.) History did indeed repeat itself and I stayed in Paris for five remarkable, exasperating and transformative years. In that time, I opened Sugarplum Cake Shop with Taylor McLoughlin, worked hard, traveled often and collected a handful of lasting friendships with extraordinary people. My aesthetic and skill as a cake decorator developed and evolved – and continues to do so.

When Cam and I got married, we had a small party on a Paris balcony with lots of friends, a little food, and a simple buttercream cake decorated with fresh thistles and flowers. A few months later, Taylor and I sold Sugarplum Cake Shop and I moved to San Francisco. I took some time off to think about my new project – how it should be the same, how to set it apart, etc.

So this is Sainte G. Cake Company. I believe that I have brought the best of what I learned at Sugarplum – the technical expertise, nerves of steel, and a clean and modern stylishness of design. I’ve created a new menu of classic recipes with exciting new textures and a hint of French influence. I hope you like it!

Photo of myself and my Paris friends at Helene Darroze by Greg Finck.


What is in a Sainte G. cake?

At Sainte G. Cake Company, the inside of the cake is as important as the outside. We use only the best ingredients, such as organic dairy and local organic produce. Each cake tier is composed of three layers of cake with the filling sandwiched between. Depending on the chosen design, the cake is then iced with Swiss meringue buttercream or covered in rolled fondant frosting.

Please visit our gallery and our Facebook page to see past creations.

What flavors are available?

We’ve created this signature menu of six updated classics with a new focus on depth of flavor and texture. Don’t see what you are looking for? Ask if it’s available!

Brown butter cake / mascarpone cream & fresh strawberries / balsamic buttercream

Carrot cake / bourbon & bitters soaking syrup / cream cheese buttercream

Espresso-spiked devil’s food cake / Mexican chocolate & cocoa nib mousse / bittersweet ganache

Meyer lemon cake / candied citrus & lemon curd / lavender buttercream

Hazelnut pound cake / fig & apple compote / honey buttercream

Banana cake / candied bacon praline / confiture de lait buttercream


How much does a Sainte G. cake cost?

Since each cake design involves so many variables, we do not have a set price list. Our cakes start at $8 per serving with a minimum order price of $250. The total cost will vary based on the size and complexity of the design.  We also offer Fête Cakes in any flavor for $60. They are simply iced 7-inch round cakes that serve 6-10 people.

Please visit our gallery and our Facebook page to see past creations.

Do you offer cake tastings?

Yes! Tastings and design consultations are available by appointment. They last one hour and the $35 tasting fee will be applied towards the price of your cake.

How do I order a Sainte G. cake?

To begin the process, please email us at Don’t forget to include your telephone number, the event date, the number of guests, and any ideas you may have regarding the decoration.

Availability can be limited, especially during the busy spring and summer months, so we suggest ordering early. While we realize that celebration cakes can be a big decision—one that shouldn’t be rushed— but please note that we cannot hold space in our calendar without a deposit.

Do you deliver?

Delivery is available in Northern California. Pricing is based on distance and travel time. Please contact us for an estimate.


To schedule a tasting, please make an appointment by filling out the form below, or give us a call 415 699 9140.

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